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Nama-Stay-Cay (Weekend Get-Away)

Life a bit hectic? Want to immerse yourself in a weekend of wellness, meet new people and have fun being active? Find your flow with these 2-3 day “NamaStayCay” yoga escapes for busy people who want to check out of the daily grind and drop in to some seriously fun self care!

  • Delve into daily yoga, meditation & deep relaxation practices. Breath like your life depends on it & nourish your body and mind with scrumptious plant based meals and informative (sometimes mind blowing) nutrition & health coaching workshops.
  • You’ll get your hands in, and let your creative out, as you learn how to prepare delicious vegan treats you can easily make at home.
  • Playful embodiment is key to becoming a successful Self Care Warrior and getting the “happy hormones” flowing.
  • Shake off some seriousness and activate your body and mind by challenging yourself with our flow adventures. A full sensory and ridiculously fun dynamic meditation activities like stand up paddle boarding, Acro yoga, fire dancing, surfing, dance classes, flying your body in a windy tube, and much more…

What’s included…..

  • 2 night accommodation (1 location, shared rooms)
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily pranayama practice
  • Daily meditation practice
  • Flow adventures
  • 3 delicious plant based meals per day
  • Learn how to use food as medicine and start your health from the inside out
  • Daily workshops on plant based nutrition, debunking common myths, gut health, how to eat not diet, find your optimal weight, “The Self Care Warrior” it’s all about you, “Live life delicious”- how to cook plant based meals
  • Participate in fun cooking classes
  • Discussions on food the yamas and niyamas

Nama-Stay-Cay Retreats in 2017:

  • Florida, June 8-11
  • San Diego, August 4-6
  • San Diego, August 11-13

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