Peak performance coaching and athletic training for flyers who want to take their training to the next level.

  • You will learn how to eat for peak performance, prevent sport related injuries, improve recovery rates and elicit the relaxation response to activate your mind.
  • Become a Flow State Warrior using yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to gain one pointed focus and get that competitive edge, get in the flow!
  • You will receive daily sports therapy and learn how to re-program your neural pathways giving you the tools to activate and strengthen your body, mind & flying.
  • By the end of this retreat you will know how to perform like an athlete, balance fun with focus and activate your fierce flyer within!

Whats included…

  • 5 night accommodation (1 location shared rooms)
  • 3 healthy plant based meals per day
  • 3 hrs flying – coached by spectacular guest coaches (1 on 1 and shared flying)
  • Huck jams
  • Peak performance coaching – Flow State Warrior
  • Body & mind Activation sessions – neural pathway programing
  • Strength & conditioning sessions
  • Eating for peak performance workshops
  • 1 on 1 health coaching session
  • Pre & post event massage
  • Myofacial release session
  • Biomechanics assessment to predict decline in performance & injury prevention
  • Injury management discussions for common tunnel injuries
  • 1 on 1 yoga session (specific’s for you!)
  • Daily group yoga classes (flyer specific)
  • Tunnel – Fit workouts
  • Acro-yoga/partner balancing/Thai yoga massage
  • Evening meditation & visualization sessions
  • Evening deep relaxation sessions
  • 5 days of jam packed fun!

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