My Yoga Journey

…Its quite a cool story actually, it all started back when my best friend Rosi had asked me and some other friends to join her for a yoga class at the local YMCA. I had been exposed to Yoga when I was younger but had only dabbled a bit, mostly with meditation and breath work, so I was certainly interested in trying out the Physical practice.

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About Precision Alignment Yoga

When the body is “out of alignment”, the weight of the body is no longer supported by the bones. Coupled with the force of gravity pulling us downward, the weight of the body can cause severe unnatural stress to the muscular-skeletal system. Many aches, pains and injuries stem from an already tight, misaligned body. With the body in this state, it doesn’t take much more stress, to cause more pain or, to seriously injure oneself.

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SIYI – 300hr Teacher Training

As an aspiring Yoga teacher or a dedicated yoga practitioner looking to deepen your practice, our 300hr program will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and experiences of what we consider the basic foundational principles of yoga. You will learn essential elements to grow your practice and deepen your understanding of yoga.

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